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INSIGHTS for Innovation and New Products

Emerging Tech Insights® provides unique information to help you manage risk in innovation and new product research. Our unique set of skills can be your secret weapon and your competitive advantage as well.

Informative   We tell the story of developments in an emerging new technology. Our unique (patented) visualizations and innovation measurements provide powerful competitive insights for both technical and non-technical decision makers.

Predictive   We can accurately predict how a technology will evolve and which new product development pathways will emerge by measuring and interpreting technical trends from both a business and an R&D perspective.

Specialty   Strategic technology assessments. The fuzzy front–end of new product R&D is our specialty.

Tested   Our process has been used successfully in consumer products, medical products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, venture capital, equity research and even a service industry.


Our reports answer questions that managers and project leaders SHOULD ask in innovation projects or new product research. ETI can help you Get Beyond the Hype® and make your R&D decisions accurately and quickly.

What are the technical trends?
Are there R&D white spots or good opportunities for me?
What is holding the area back or what is driving growth?
Are there "hidden" signals of disruption or change?
Who is participating in the trends? Are they threats/opportunities?
Are there partnering, acquisition or merger opportunities?
Should I enter the area or stay on the sidelines?
What are the risks? What are the options?


An ETI Report is "market research" with a strong technology slant. An ETI report is written by technologists for technology managers. Writing an ETI Report is a four step process.

1.  We IDENTIFY technical trends by categorizing and segmenting a broad database of patents (and sometimes literature) into product features, materials, processes and methods to build a model.

2.  We MEASURE the trend progress with unique technology yardsticks.

3.  We VISUALIZE the trends so that you can see them for yourself.

4.  We PRESENT our conclusions in a clear, concise format.

In addition, we provide ACCESS to the models and measurements we used to write the report to help you build confidence in the conclusions.

Technology Mapping

Innovation Answers
Lower Risk Decisions
More Confident Decisions


Senior Executives
Venture Capitalists
Program Managers
Project Leaders
Government Planners
Market Researchers
CTI Professionals

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Innovation and new product development is difficult and risky. Reducing risk in technology selection, licensing or acquisition decisions requires careful, thoughtful analysis, the right tools and significant experience. Emerging Tech Insights’® ETI Reports draw on decades of hands-on R&D project management experience and a unique (patented) process to find and publish the answers you need at the fuzzy front end of innovation.

The result is better information for more secure, more confident decisions.

With an ETI Report, you can make R&D program and innovation management decisions with the kind of long-term, over-the-horizon knowledge and confidence that few others possess.

Manage the fuzzy front–end of innovation with information!
Discover the best opportunities for you or your company.
Reduce the risks in new product development.
Make Open Innovation work for you.

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