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Information for better informed new technology or new product development decisions.

Mission.    EmergingTechInsights' website hopes to inspire you to use do-it-yourself technology analytics and do-it-yourself technology analysis to facilitate your R&D planning decisions, project management decisions, technical acquisition decisions and to back-up your traditional marketing methods.

Be Inspired.    The information on this website represents a life-time of lessons in using patent and science mapping and technology analytics for strategic technology assessments in corporate and consulting venues. It is my hope that this information will inspire you to adopt the methods and to improve them for your specific uses. DIY-TA!

Founder.    Gary M. Oosta, Gary M. Oosta holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.A. in Chemistry from E. Mich. Univ. He has 25 years of industrial research experience in various technology areas including medical diagnostics, thin-layer coating, bio-effects of electromagnetic radiation, and blood coagulation. Dr. Oosta has authored 20 technical publications and is an inventor on 77 patents worldwide. In addition, he has managed research groups that were responsible for many other patented innovations. Dr. Oosta has a long-standing interest in using patents and published literature as strategic technology indicators for future technology selection and new product development.

Dr. Oosta founded Patent Insights, Inc. in 2001. Later, he renamed the company Emerging Tech Insights, Inc. He also participated in Oval Ideas, Inc. and Owl Insights, Inc. All companies are now closed, and Dr. Oosta has retired.

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