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Algae Biofuel: A Technology Landscape Perspective

      Algae Biofuel Technology Landscape Date: May 2011

algae and biofuel With gasoline prices oscillating between $3.50 and $4.50 per gallon, perhaps it is time to look at algae biofuel or algae biodiesel as an alternative once again.

Algae have emerged as an ideal biomass candidate because they grow quickly under the right conditions and because algae can contain a dramatically high percentage of fats and oils, ideal staring materials for algae biofuel or algae biodiesel.

      Is Algae Biofuel Ready to Disrupt the Liquid Fuels Market?

algae and biofuel Depending on who is reporting, algae biofuel is either just around the corner or off in the distant future. Which? Emerging Tech Insights used its patented technology mapping process, one of the best kept strategic technology assessment secrets on the planet, to answer the question and to Get Beyond the Hype® in algae biofuels. Better yet, download your free copy of the report now by clicking on the picture to the right.

ETI's report surveys the entire technology landscape in algae biofuels and related markets. ETI's perspective for the algae biofuel report it that of an investor or new product venture team that is looking for ways to make algae biofuel or algae biodiesel products in the near future.

What did we find? Based on our analysis, algae biofuel or biodiesel does appear to be poised to disrupt the liquid fuel business. Commercial sales are quietly beginning in "specialty" markets. Our analysis of the technology landscape shows that there are few technological barriers. For most process steps, well characterized methods can be drawn from a parallel industry. Only large-scale culture systems need further “standardization” to enable a large-scale algae biofuel industry to break out, and even here a limited number of well defined options exist.

Our analysis clearly shows the adjacent markets that can serve (and are already serving) as outlets for algae biofuel "waste" products, reducing scrap costs. Adjacent markets can also serve to finance biofuel market development.

When (if) an algae biofuel industry breaks out, Emerging Tech INSIGHTS believes that existing smaller players will begin to consolidate and our cutting-edge models suggest combinations of companies where intellectual property enhancements might exist.

When (if) a large scale algae biofuel industry does break out, Emerging Tech INSIGHTS believes that winners will include the equipment and chemical suppliers for "standardized" ponds and bioreactors, new aqua culture farmers, suppliers of extraction equipment and chemicals, certain real estate holders and the investors who made it all happen.

algae and biofuel You don’t need to take Emerging Tech Insights’ word for it.
With just a simple registration, ETI is pleased to provide FREE ACCESS to the ALGAE BIOFUEL TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE MODEL. ETI hopes that the model will help to change the tone of the discussion from algae biofuel or algae biodiesel might someday be viable to we can have algae biofuel soon IF we put our minds to it.

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