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Technology Stack View - A Strategic View for Senior Executives

company matrix

A Technology Stack Chart summarizes and rates technology development options for new product development. The Technology Stack Chart is intended to help identify multiple product development scenarios.

A Technology Stack Chart is organized into categories or lanes (titles on the right) that represent the stack of technologies necessary to build a product. The blues squares are segments (Visual Indexes), potential technology solutions for that category (lane). On a Technology Stack Chart, the position of a segment (a Visual Index) is determined by its patenting pattern. A segment (Visual Index) on the left will be a small, simple or emerging area. A Visual Index on the right will be a large, complex or mature technology area.

In the full software system, it is possible to drill back to the Visual Index by clicking on a square.

A product development scenario comes from choosing one element from each lane. For example a possible (not necessarily good) scenario would be to construct a pizza from corn flour, using bicarbonate leavening, sugar for browning, an extruder for processing, a meat sauce, a microwave for cooking and selling the product from a vending machine. Other scenarios are also possible.

We believe that the placement of a sebment (Visual Index) on the Technology Stack Chart correlates with the business S-curve taught in MBA classes. The pattern of activity on this chart shows where development focuses are located for an entire technology area.

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