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Company Visual Index
Detailed Patenting or Publication Pattern for a Selected Company

company matrix

A Company Visual Index is used to visualize development activity and development focuses of a single company, organization or inventor.

A Company Visual Index is constructed from all the searches that have been run and stored in the Data Matrix in which the selected company participates. On a Company Visual Index, each diamond is a patent. Each patent may belong to one or more searches. Each line represents a search that was defined by a set of keywords or phrases. Searches are rank ordered with the search containing the most patents at the top.

On a Visual Index, each diamond represents a patent (or other document). Each diamond is plotted vs the filing date, a measure of the invention date or patents. For a non-patent document, the publication date is used. Each line shows the patents and patenting pattern for a segment in which this company participates. The segment at the top is the most active. All other segments are rank ordered by patent count. Explorers in this case represent segments in which this company holds only one patent.

User ratings of a patent are shown by a color code. Red is highly rated. Blue, Green, and Yellow indicate descending order of importance to the user.

Multiple company specific Visual Indexes allow a comparison or the commitment of companies to specific technology target focuses.

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